augsburg contemporary
Bergstrasse 11
86199 Augsburg-Göggingen

A cooperation of Claudia Weil Gallery and Branch Berlin
Dear friends of art, we would like to draw your attention to the new exhibition “Im Bunker” by Veronika Veit at augsburg contemporary, which will open on Sunday, July 3 from 11 am – 5 pm. Exhibition location: Bergstr. 11, 86199 Augsburg-Göggingen. Exhibition duration July 3-August 13, 2022, opening hours: Saturdays 2-5 p.m. and by appointment. The artist and the two gallery owners Claudia Weil and Andreas Stucken appreciate your interest and look forward to your visit!

In the Bunker, 2017, Full HD Film, 12:00 min.

“There is no right life in the wrong one” This sentence by Adorno echoes the intention ofVeronika Veit’s project, which places a bunker entrance in the interior of the gallery augsburg contemporary. Through a floor hatch, the “bunker” allows a view of the strictly structured everyday life of a family living in isolation. Only through absolutely regimented behavior and extreme hygiene does it seem possible to maintain control.

The family has sealed itself off and secured itself against the outside world, hoarding food and trying to live as independently as possible. The scenery reflects the desire for autonomy and self-determination and at the same time shows the problem of social isolation. At a time when the focus is increasingly on individualization rather than community, when buzzwords such as self-realization and self-optimization are already the subject of discussion in kindergarten, this intervention is intended to disturb, shake up, and provoke. The project addresses the tendency towards separation and isolation, the attempt to exist completely autonomously, and the absurd idea that everyone is entirely responsible for their own fate.

Veronika Veit already realized this installation (FullHD film, 12:17 min, production: FortisGreen, Film+Medien) in 2017 on the Gasteig grounds in Munich. The already then dystopian version of the future seems to have become reality these days and will therefore be shown again in Augsburg in the summer of 2022. Through the gallery’s large display window, passers-by can watch the isolated family day and night and also listen to them during opening hours inside.