FullHD film, 6:42 min

The project: „Bunker“ at Munich Gasteig already shows in 2017 a dystopian version of the futu-re that seems to have become reality these days: with the support of the Munich Department of Culture, Gasteig and FortisGreen, Film+Medien, the artist placed a bunker entrance in the outdoor area of the Gasteig. A window allows a view inside of the strictly structured everyday life of an isolated family. Only through absolutely regimented behaviour and extreme hygiene does it seem possible to maintain control. The project thematises the tendency towards separation and isola-tion, the attempt to exist completely autonomously and the absurd idea that everyone is entirely responsible for their own fate.
Bunker reflects a society that is increasingly concerned with individualisation instead of community and in which buzzwords such as self-realisation and self-optimisation are already a topic in kindergarten.