FullHD animation film, 6:42 min


In the video work: “connected_on_nature” nature is seen as part of the digital world. In nature, surprising and uncontrollable processes take place, which are captured on film.  the different clips. The animated films were partly shot at the German Academy in Rome, partly in Munich.
The film installation presents artificial, technical and natural processes associatively side by side. The films are a mixture of animated and filmed material, the attraction of the individual clips lies in the unpredictability and the moment of surprise of the processes. In the centre of attention is the phenomenon of the nonlinear dynamics, the butterfly effect. The theme, which was already explored in 1987 by the artist duo Fischli and Weiss in the Video: „Der Lauf der Dinge“  has become more topical today enormously. Even at that time it was clear that a responsible handling of resources is necessary, because otherwise uncontrollable, global processes are set in motion. Through the digital networking of our world today, complex processes and causalities even more inscrutable and uncontrollable for the individual. All the more important is the awareness of the individual responsibility and the understanding of oneself as a part of a great common whole.