Ieavi e MACRS apresentam a exposição “MACRS fps – videoarte em evidência”

The Museum of Contemporary Art of RS (MACRS), in partnership with the State Institute of Visual Arts (Ieavi), institutions of the State Department of Culture (Sedac), is inaugurating the exhibition “MACRS fps – video art in evidence” on September 14, at 6pm, at the Virgílio Calegari Photogallery, on the 7th floor of the Mario Quintana House of Culture (CCMQ). The exhibition, curated by Bruna Martin, brings together a diverse set of 13 audiovisual works from the Museum’s collection, as well as a striking installation and two digital photographs.

The exhibition “MACRS fps – video art in evidence” is divided into three fundamental axes: Sensory, Sound and Landscape. Each axis offers a unique perspective for visitors to question and explore the world presented before them, raising questions such as “What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you see?”. The show seeks to revalue artists, poetics and potential, exploring the complex intersections between technology, expression and meaning. Among the artists in the exhibition are Eliane Chiron, Sandra Rey, Eny Schuch, Amélia Brandelli, Rochele Zandavalli, Luciana Magno, Veronika Veit, Lizângela Torres, Ana Norogrando, Dirnei Prates, Elaine Tedesco and Felippe Moraes.

Since its conception in 2012, through the “Contemporary Ages” project, the MACRS video art collection has grown steadily, currently featuring more than 100 videos and the contributions of renowned artists such as Dirnei Prates, Eliane Chiron and Elaine Tedesco. The “Contemporary Ages” project unfolded in three exhibitions coordinated by Ana Zavadil, Marcelo Gobatto, Paulo Gomes and Paula Ramos, with the aim of acquiring works by artists who were not yet part of the museum’s collection.

Thanks to this initiative and other campaigns, the MACRS collection tripled from 230 works in 2011 to 766 in 2013. This led to the inauguration of the museum’s video art center. The “MACRS fps” exhibition is a synthesis of this constantly renewed effort, highlighting the fluidity and richness of the contemporary video art scene.

The works featured in the exhibition will be published in the Tainacan repository, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to preserving and highlighting creative potential as a generator of digital heritage. The Collection in Focus Program, which consists of acquisition, dissemination, research, education and accessibility actions, seeks to optimize the activities carried out by the Museum’s centers, focusing on the intellectual production of the teams and the collection, in order to fulfill the museum’s mission of promoting, researching and encouraging contemporary thinking and production in the visual arts.

02 Veronika Veit
MACRS fps exhibition: video art in the spotlightDate: 14/09
Time: 6pm
Venue: Virgílio Calegari Photogallery, 7th floor of the Mario Quintana Culture House (CCMQ) – Rua dos Andradas, 736 – Historic Center – Porto AlegreVisitation: until November 12, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.