FullHD film, 3:50 min

Based on the song „Last Generation“ by „Hey, Band“ (Georg Rudolph, Julia Sakas, Veronika Veit), the art film of the same name was created: two women move through surreal landscapes whose aesthetics are reminiscent of computer games or images created in 3D programmes. Carefree and without any discernible regret, they sing about being the last generation for whom the world will still last long enough. They seem unaffected, act innocent, like figures in a game who bear no responsi-bility for their actions, since they are controlled by an operator. The aesthetics of the computer-generated images are often broken by art-historical references, especially the pregnant figure allows iconographic references to depictions of the Virgin Mary. The film ends with a whimsical vanitas still life, a final reference to the transience of the world as we knew it.