Two-channel animated film, FullHD film, 5:51 min, Dolby surround

n the two-channel video animation „The very moment…“ the viewer experiences a scene in which time folds into one another.
A young woman moving in a room meets herself again and again, before and after cancel each other out and exist simultaneously. The different possibilities of events also collide, so that things happen not only simultaneously but also contradictory to each other. Linear models of time have been superseded by quantum physics at the latest, and the conflict between philosophical and physical thinking about time is cancelled out, because non-linear, diffe-rent simultaneous, nested and non-causally conceived models of time have long existed in philo-sophy. In connection with this, the historical sciences and psychology have also developed new models of thinking in which not only the future is indeterminate, but also the supposedly factual past is changeable and flexible. But what does this mean existentially for us when it comes to our ability to be, to perceive, to think and to act?
(Diana Ebster, parts of the exhibition speech)